sheblobbers (sheblobbers) wrote in emophilips,


Is this icon making becoming a bit of an overkill? I'm not sure, perhaps...

But, be that as it may, I did feel as if I wasn't properly contributing -- seeing as the icons that I try to make aren't really that great.

But these are actually better than my previous attempts, so I share them now:

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

welly welly welly welly well... enjoy!
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EEEEP!!! I love these so much; they're awesome! You're very creative. I never woulda thought of those!

I'm gonna swipe 'em (and credit them, of course.), if that's okay. The underwear one makes me giggle, that joke never get's old!

Hey, I love this whole icon making craze that we got going here. There was a serious lack of Emo icons! ;)
aww thanks! it's totally cool if you take them (no one has ever wanted to before.. lol)

I know, I love that underwear joke.. and I'm glad you like that one, because it definitely took me the longest. lol. It was my labour of love.

There certainly was a severe lacking in Emo icons, and we have now filled that void in people's lives. I just didn't want to irriate anyone with my constant icon posts. But hey, if no one else is bored with it, I'm not either......