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Different/New Emo Icons

Ok, so there was a bit of a request for icons that had actual quotes on them...

Well, because my friend is super awesome, she made a few with quotes. (I helped! lol)

Anyway, she's got an icon community now, and if you asked her nicely, I'm sure she'd make whatever you want -- like if you had a favourite quote, picture, etc...

Ok, enough of that. Icon time!


Photobucket   Photobucket   Photobucket

YAY! I hope everyone likes them!
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These are really great! Sorry I couldn't comment earlier, I meant to go get some of my favorite Emo quotes but I think they are too long for icons...

Anyway I'm gonna nab a couple of these, and will credit of course!
It's all cool. Yeah, when I was helping her, it was easy to find good pictures, but trying to find quotes that would actually fit was hard...

That's why there aren't that many... because I couldn't find short quotes to save my life!
Yipee! These are fantastic! I love the the last one: "Emo, do people REALLY come up to you?" :D Your friend did a great job.
I know!! That one is my favourite too!!